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Moving Forward . Changing Lives

Trauma Reset Training is a project run by the Trauma Centre.  We are kindly funded by the managed Care Network.  This training is for service users who are suffering from the effects of Trauma and PTSD

Our courses are written and delivered by qualified psychotherapists  From Lincoln Trauma Centre.

What To Expect

All our courses are delivered in a safe and supportive environment.  This enables our participants to be better equipped to deal with triggers and to be more resiliant, with the aim of helping them to put the past behind them and move forward with their lives.

Our Courses

Our Courses are one full day from 10am-4pm and we will be providing a healthy lunch.  The courses will be taking place throughout Lincolnshire.

Course List

Understanding Trauma & PTSD -Understanding what it is and how it affects the individual and their family members

Moving on From The Past - Do you feel stuck in the past? On this course we will explore ways of moving forward into the future.

Building Healthy Relationships - Focussing upon how to build healthier relationships and how to avoid previous mistakes.

Anxiety Management - Learning to recognise the symptoms of anxiety and creating healthier ways of thinking.

Coping in a crisis - Mental Health First Aid.

Self Harm - Understanding and raising awareness of Self-Harm.  Helping service users to create their own coping strategies.

Building Health Self-Esteem - Helping service users to feel better about themselves by way of looking at negative core beliefs and creating healthier new ones.

For Further information on upcoming dates and venues please see our events calendar here 

Alernatively you can call us on 07812661348  or 07743634793

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